Join us the first Wednesday of each month at the Brantford Station Gallery, 5 Wadsworth St, where we tell or listen to stories base on the monthly topic.


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Mission Statement
To encourage storytellers to grow in their art and to foster enjoyment and appreciation of oral storytelling in the communities of Brant County.

Why We Tell and Listen To Stories

Telling stories is fun.

Stories preserve cultural and national memories.

Listening to stories helps children to develop language skills. Nursery rhymes are a child's introduction to stories.

Stories build connections between individuals, cultural groups, generations and nations. Through imaginative listening we gain understanding that comes from the heart as well as the mind.

Listening to stories is fun.

Oral Storytelling

By 'oral storytelling', we mean the art of narrating a story through words, voice and gestures.

As a story unfolds, the storyteller and the listeners create mental images. Each person imagines the story in his or her own way. At the same time all are united in the creative experience.

Stories are for listeners of all generations, from toddlers to the very elderly. A story may be original, an adaptation from a written work or a version of a traditional story passed down for hundreds, even thousands, of years. Stories for telling include fairy tales, personal stories, tall tales, sagas, ghost stories, myths and much more.


Over the years, Guild members have told stories to children and adults at many community events and venues. Here are just a few of the places where we have performed: Canada Day , Myrtleville Museum, Bell Homestead, Glenhyrst Art Gallery, St. George Apple Festival, Boys and Girls Club and Lansdowne Children's Centre.

Members also tell stories in nursing homes, schools, churches and in other non-profit settings.

Collecting, Telling and Preserving Community Stories

The communities of Brant County are rich in heritage and cultural diversity. The Brant Taletellers Guild wants to hear, collect and tell our untold stories.

Your story may be a fairy tale or other traditional story from your culture, a personal memory or a story about your family. Stories about how you or your family overcame adversity would be of special interest. Whatever the story, we want to listen.

You can tell you story at one of our monthly storytelling gatherings. Or, you can get in touch with us and a Guild members will meet with you at a t ime and place agreeable to you to assist in preserving your story by learning it and committing it to memory.

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